Kitchen Helper Stool Chair


1. Standing size: 30x30x70cm(12x12x27.5inches)

2. Material: solid pine wood

3. NW/GW: 4kg/5kg (9lbs/11lbs)


1. Suitable for 1~5 years old kids

2. Young kids are curious about everything, they like to climb everywhere. If you can’t stop it why don’t you make it safer for them to climb?

3. ModelB  Also can be use as a standing drawing board, both black board and white board (double side, reversible)

4.  ModelB The chalk holder are locate in the middle of the chair

5. Kids can help out in Kitchen: baking, mixing, preparing food, cleaning up, or other hands-on situations.

6. Kids can claim up to wash hand, wash dish and help kitchen errands.

7. KIds can wash hand or brush teeth by themselves.

8. Adjustable height for different stage of kids

9. Soft padding and Arc entrance allow easy and safe access.

10. Fences around standing platform, so kids won’t fall out from high place

11. 2 steps stair for easy climbing.

12. Max weight up to 100kgs for durability.

13. Light weight design for easy movement.




Additional information

Weight 4710.0 g
Dimensions 320 × 300 × 700 cm

Model A, Model B