Electric Fly & Mosquito Killer




Description :

AUGIENB Automatic Electric Fly Mosquito Killer Trap Touch Control USB Night Light Mosquito Dispeller

1.Multi-function electronic mosquito killer lamp.

Low power consumption, high anti-mosquito performance.

2.Great for use in bed-room, hall, hotel, office, and so on.

3.Mosquitoes groove can prevent mosquitoes from escaping to kill them effectively, which is easy to open for easy cleaning.

4.Safety and hygiene:

Without any chemicals, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, safety and environmental protection.

5.Smart switch touch control:

1.Touch it: boot up (Kill mosquito )

2.Touch again: switch night light (Warm light)

3.Touch again: switch mosquito killer (Cold light)

4.Long press and turn off: About 1.5 seconds

6.USB charging:

Great for computer, power bank, univesal plug’s rechargeable. 

Specification :

Anti-mosquito Principle Inhalation
Mosquito-trapping Method CCFL Cold Cathode Light Source
Material  PP+ABS
Color  Grey
Weight  690g
Size  23 x 13.5cm
Rated Power 3.5W
Applicable Area 50-100 ㎡
Working Method USB Chargeable

Package Includes :

1 x USB Electric Mosquito killer Lamp



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