Portable Baby Dining Chair Bag


  • PORTABLE BOOSTER SEAT AND BACKPACK IN 1: Moms can bring a bag for their toddler and have it also be a high chair that is more secure than high chairs. It holds everything you need while you are on the go.
  • SPACIOUS STORAGE AREA: The storage inside is very convenient and spacious. It also has multiple storage compartments for diapers, bottles, car keys, wallet, toys, etc. It is the ultimate toddler nappy bag with booster seat on it.
  • STRONG, FIRM AND STURDY INTERNAL FRAME: It can hold up to about 50-55lbs. You can put milk, diapers, crayons, toys, anything you want to put in there. It is made of durable materials so your toddler has a secure place to sit while eating.
  • FIVE POINT SAFETY HARNESS: It can hold your child in safely and securely. It also has a backpack straps and a hook to hang in daycare or preschool. It has a back rest that is more than supportive, and it straps tightly to your toddler.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, YOU CAN TAKE IT ANYWHERE WITH YOU: This makes going out to eat with our little ones so quick and easy.
  • Color Classification: Blue 3-point (upgrade) Orange 3-point (upgrade) Yellow 3-point (upgrade) Blue 5-point (upgrade) Orange 5-point (upgrade) Yellow 5-point ( Upgrade models) Red 5-point (upgrade) Red 3-point (upgrade) Red five-point blue five-point yellow five-point orange five-point

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