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Develop an ideal morning for your kid

All families need some sort of routine to establish a normalcy at home. A routine life also provides you with a sense of security and reduces your fear of the uncertain. Even for children this establishes discipline from the very beginning.

In our previous article we discussed about maintaining a healthy night routine. Today we will discuss about following a morning routine.

Mornings are usually peak and rush hour at home. With parents leaving for work, dressing up your child for school or instructing the caregiver. Therefore, it s important to sort your morning hours to minimize hassle and maximize productivity. This also gets your child into practice and is never late for school or other activities.

  1. Give adequate sleep :- Ensure that your child gets atleast 8 hours of sound sleep. This will help your child wake up fresh and energetic in the morning.
  2. Prepare things at night :- Encourage your kid to complete his tasks the night before and pack his school bag as per school routine beforehand. This saves a lot of time in the morning and your child can be relaxed before going to school. This reduces your stress level too.
  3. Prepare a morning chart :- Divide your early hours into activities, family time and getting ready. Wake up and encourage your children to do exercise along with you followed by a healthy breakfast over some family time and finally getting ready for work and school. This reduces the rush and also makes your kid more responsible.
  4. Allocate a place for things :- Be organized and encourage your child to be organized too. Assign places for school bag, for tiffin box and water bottle. Everything should have an assigned place so that it is easier to locate while hurrying.
  5. Wake up before your kids :- Getting up 15 to 20 minutes before the rest of the house will aid you in setting up the entire family for a fruitful morning ahead. You may also get some much-needed time to make the desired transition from sleepiness into active mode.

Creating a morning routine for your kid may transform the mornings into a fun, happy, connecting time rather than being stressful. Getting all family members to contribute to it may facilitate smooth execution of the routine. Focus more on providing a pleasant start to your child’s day.

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